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A Conversation with Kristine Grant

Dr Red talks with Kristine about our challenging situation with COVID 19 and relationships, speaking from the heart, how you can live a better life and more.

Kristine Grant, MFT is a Relationship Expert -- with a background in psychotherapy and educational psychology, as well as subtle energy work, Kristine has developed a novel approach for helping clients to mend and/or enhance any sort of situational or emotional challenge with her unique talent for ghostwriting compelling messages on behalf of her clients to their significant others. She has provided this remarkable letter writing and coaching for over 16 years with amazing results! She is also the author of an award winning book: RELATIONSHIFT - How to Write the Words You Really Want to Say - Her book is an inspiration for anyone who might feel stuck or overwhelmed and needs guidance for finding the right words to set you free! Along with sharing many true to life stories pursuant to relational challenges, and the letters that caused a dynamic shift for a positive outcome, she guides readers on how to develop their skills for writing their own compelling messages. Kristine has appeared on several prominent TV and Radio Shows including ABC, CBS, the CW

Kristine Grant

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