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Who Dreamed up That Diagnosis?

Do you remember your dreams? Are they technicolor epics that tell a story or just black and white snippets that don’t make any sense? Why would you care? Because your life may depend on it! What if you dreamed you had a breast tumor and even saw the surgeon leaning over you at your procedure?

Would that send you to your doctor for a checkup? What if your checkup said you’re fine but your dreams say otherwise... I can’t tell you how many doctors dismissed me as a nervous, wife, mother, career woman, etc., in the face of clear symptoms before I finally found a doctor who listened and found a malignant brain tumor. It’s becoming more evident daily that there is more to our bodies than x-ray films and MRI's. Dr. Larry Burk, a leading MRI researcher, has had experience with both, and you will be stunned with his story. He will tell us about his book, Dreams That Can Save Your Life, including a firsthand account by co-author, Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos (a cancer survivor).


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