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Plastic Surgery of the Mind

Plastic surgery for your mind? What a concept! Do you think you can rewire your mind? I do. 30 years ago I was blind, paralyzed, I had just had brain surgery for a killer glioblastoma, and needed to lose about 150 pounds. As you can see on my DrRed page on Facebook, I’m just fine and doing this radio show to help other people get just fine too. I used a lot of modalities to get where I am today, but one of the biggest ones I ever relied on and have for the longest time – since the 60s — is hypnosis.

What you believe you can achieve and hypnosis does that. There are other modalities that just fit right in to making you healthy and happy: NLP and timeline therapy. I cured my lifelong fear of spiders in 5 minutes. And then there’s chakra clearing, magnetic therapy, and don’t even get me started on Reiki – it’s incredible. Tune in and learn how Marilyn Salerno uses all these to make you happy and well.


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