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Is Wellness Written in the Stars?

Whether or not you have an undying belief in astrology, I know you’re interested in it – everybody is. But just what is astrology? Is it a science, is it just pseudoscientific voodoo, or what? Do you really believe that the planets rule our fate? How is that even possible? And if it is possible how is that useful in Healing Our Inner America? I sure don’t know. I can barely figure out that I was born in June, and my sign is Gemini. There’s way more to it than that. Join me as I find out the astrological answers from Teresa Campos, creator of Healing Our Inner America. She can answer such questions as, “If our fate is fixed in the stars, can we really change anything? How does knowing your astrological information help you heal? What are the benefits of having your chart drawn? Is it good to have a daily astrological forecast, or is that just for entertainment?“ For the answers to these and any questions you may have, tune in Tuesday. Don’t forget you call in with questions.


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