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Dr. Red Says: Let's Get Physical, Physical ...

Points to ponder...What is energy medicine? What is energy psychology? How are they similar? How do they differ? Does the energy field create the body, or does the body create the energy field?

Why should we care? What do stress, health/healing, and the energy field have to do with one another? What can we do with energy medicine and energy psychology? Can it help with chakras? Meridians? Negative Emotions? Traumas?

How can energy medicine and energy psychology get rid of "soul smog?" How can these two fields help you to live your best life? Join me and two of the most energetic guests I’ve ever had the privilege to invite back as they answer these and any questions you might have. Call: 888-346-9141 to ask Dr. Michelle and Dr. Alan whatever you need to know about ENERGY!


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